2014 Awardees

Creative and Novel Ideas in HIV Research is a research grant program for early-career investigators with no prior experience in HIV research. Awards were announced at the 2014 International AIDS Conference in Melbourne, Australia.

A copy of the press release can be found here.

Aravind Asokan, PhD
Assistant Professor
The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, USA
Combating HIV infection by fusion inhibitor gene therapy
CFAR Mentors: Ron Swanstrom and Victor Garcia- Martinez, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

Qin Feng, PhD
Assistant Professor
Baylor College of Medicine, USA
Targeting host factors for modulation of HIV transcription
CFAR Mentor: Andrew P Rice, Baylor College of Medicine.

Jonathan Fogle, DVM, PhD
Assistant Professor
North Carolina State University, College of Veterinary Medicine, USA
Epigenetic modulation rescues virus-specific CD8+ T cells from T regulatory cell suppression
CFAR Mentor: Kristina Abel, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.

Donald Fox, PhD
Assistant Professor
Duke University Medical Center, USA
Impact of polyploidy on establishing an HIV-1 reservoir in the kidney
CFAR Mentor: Mary Klotman, Duke University.

Joseph Hyser, PhD
Assistant Professor
Baylor College of Medicine, USA
Calcium-induced autophagy by HIV-1 Vpu viroporin activity
CFAR Mentor: Jason Kimata, Baylor College of Medicine.

Anna Lunemann, MD, DrMed
Research Associate
University of Zurich, Switzerland
Harnessing lymphoid tissue-based antiviral natural killer cell subsets for HIV eradication
CFAR Mentor: Michael M Lederman, Case Western Reserve University.

Kilian Pohl, PhD
Research Scientist
SRI International
Consulting Assistant Professor
Stanford University, USA
Creating maps of 4D brain images to unravel dementia heterogeneity of aging HIV population
CFAR Mentor: Victor Valcour, University of California, San Francisco.

Daniel Popkin, MD, PhD
Assistant Professor
Case Western Reserve University, USA
Two-pronged Natural Killer Cells (NK) harness to seek and destroy the HIV reservoir
CFAR Mentor: Jonathan Karn, Case Western Reserve University.

Jie Sun, PhD
Assistant Professor
Indiana University, USA
Targeting T follicular helper (Tfh) transcription factors to enhance anti-HIV innate immunity
CFAR Mentor: Luis Montaner, Wistar Institute/University of Pennsylvania.

Minjie Wu, PhD
Research Assistant Professor
University of Illinois at Chicago, USA
Brain aging in HIV-infected women: the role of reproductive aging and cardiovascular risk factors
CFAR Mentor: Pauline M Maki, University of Illinois at Chicago.

Benjamin Yellen, PhD
Associate Professor
Duke University, USA
Magnetic single cell assay for epigenetic examination of latent HIV-1 infection
CFAR Mentor: David Margolis, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.