The competition will be administered in a two-stage process: the Concept Proposal stage and the Full Application stage. Full Applications will be accepted only from those applicants who have been invited to submit by the CNIHR program, based on the outcome of the Concept Proposal review.

Research topics could include any aspect of HIV and HIV-related research, but may not include prospective human interventional trials (e.g. clinical trials of new drugs, treatments, or devices; or off-label use of a licensed drug). Studies of animal models, stored samples from existing cohorts, small pathogenesis studies or in vitro trials are acceptable. If your proposed study design involves testing a biomedical or behavioral intervention (including approved drugs and/or standard of care), please contact the CNIHR program administrator to determine whether the proposed project would be eligible for funding at

Applicants are strongly encouraged to integrate sex and gender considerations into their research design when appropriate. For more information about the inclusion of the role of sex and gender into your CNIHR project, please see Sex and GenderĀ in Research.

Concept proposal applications may be submitted online beginning July 20, 2015, through December 11, 2015 (Deadline extended from October 15).

A copy of the Request for Proposals document can be downloaded here (PDF).